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Fascination and Passion sports car

Italian Circle12. - 14. July 2018

An extraordinary journey
3 days we explore royal passes and their roads. We rest every night in a 4-star hotel and let us indulge in culinary delights.

In total, we explore 15 passes & yokes such as the Silvretta High Alpine Road, Gavia Pass, Penser Joch, etc.

Rush Challenge

Is there anything better than driving the sports car through beautiful, winding regions? Not having to worry about anything, just enjoy it !?

Rush Challenge offers “like-minded” sports car enthusiasts the opportunity to walk on beautiful roads in beautiful landscapes. The selected routes contain the right experience for every driver.

Rush Challenge is independent of vehicle brands and every sports car is welcome.

Our Trademark

We at Rush Challenge, offer quality rather than quantity in small groups up to a maximum of 15 vehicles for exceptional tours with exclusive driving pleasure.

The whole organization comes from one source. You do not have to worry about anything – just DRIVE.

y o u   f e e l   i t  –  i t`s   t i m e   f o r   f u n.

The handling in the small groups is easy and cordial. Driven by the same passion, new friendships and connections quickly emerge beyond the events.

Our Events

Special features of the event management of Rush Challenge are the combinations of primary driving fun, paired with culinary elements.

In the foreground of our events is always the fun driving. In addition, we organize events away from the roads for our sports car drivers. Trackdays are also organized in smaller groups with us, it is important to us that each of our participants can relax in the pursuit of his passion.

To ensure fun for all participants, we recommend bringing a sports car of the following brands for exits: Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gumpert, McLaren and Audi R8 & Co., other vehicles may not be suitable for winding roads and passes.

Curious? Then you should contact us.

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